25 Best Free WordPress Themes of All Time

Many themes are being offered by experts to suit the demands of people using this WordPress. The primary purpose of a theme is to make the site more attractive and also to highlight critical information being passed across by the owner of the site. WordPress also gives one a chance to perform Search engine optimization (SEO) using his domain name.



There is a broad range of free WordPress themes currently being used depending on the preference of the user. Basing on the fact that it is a publishing software there are free WordPress. You can use Optimizer to make your site more welcoming thus attracting more traffic. The theme gives you a chance to customize your site in the best manner possible.



All users can also access Best free WordPress themes. OnePress is suitable for business use. It’s flexible and consumer friendly.



This free WordPress theme is mainly suitable for small scale users. The theme creates a professional atmosphere on your site. It can be directly operated; thus, you can easily customize it to suit your demands.



This is one of the best WordPress theme ever designed. It was mainly designed to suite art affiliated sites. If you are an artist, either a painter or a musician, this is the single free WordPress theme you can enjoy.

Olsen Light


This free responsive WordPress theme is suitable for bloggers. It is simple but at the same time gives you a strong online presence. The theme has a full range of customization options which provide a unique look to your site.

Zerif Lite


Mainly meant for web agency business. It is eCommerce oriented and also one can easily change the color of the theme.



The name betrays it all. It is among the cool themes currently being offered by WordPress. Can be used for a long period.



Roda also has a modern look thus giving people visiting your site a memorable experience. It can also be easily customized to suit the different blogs you post every day. If you are planning to upload a blog more often and you also need a unique background to applause the content on your blog, then this is the preferable theme for you.

Irex Lite


It is a cool theme mostly used by businesspeople and other persons in related fields. Lite can be used in many ways; it can be used both small scale and big scale. It is flexible in nature. Thus, one does not have to worry about the suitability of this WordPress theme free to its site.



It has many options thus, can be easily customized to different ways by simply clicking a button. What makes this free theme out-stand from the rest is its compatibility with a good number of popular plugins. For any administrator, this is vital since it will facilitate bigger traffic.



In the modern society, a good fraction of people uses mobile phones and tablets to browse. Coming up with free WordPress responsive for this market segment is vital. Attitude was mainly designed to suit this group of people. Depending on the nature of traffic visiting your site you can easily execute this type of theme.


Poseidon also suits mobile phones users and PC users. It’s mainly meant to cater for people starting a site which showcase our environment including animals and plants. It can easily be customized.



As an administrator, it will give you a chance to share your information with a wide range of people despite the language they speak. Apart from being free wordpress themes It also supports some plugins which include Contact Form 7. It enables you to share information with other people using other favorite sites.

Urban Bold


This is among the best free premium WordPress themes of all time. It is primarily meant for fashion, makeup and other things of the same nature.



Designed for commercial purpose. It has a layout that can showcase many products at a go. The theme is simple but at the same time efficient.

Twenty Ten


It is stylish at the same time made to fit a broad range of sites. It is suitable for photos and post of different subjects.



Relief switch the color of your theme anytime you feel like doing so. The free WordPress theme also enables you to customize your site to meet the changing taste and preference of people since it gets updated more frequent.



It can be used different sites thus making it multipurpose. No professional skills are required to operate it. Evolve is also suitable for a good portion of devices.



Sydney is one of the popular theme currently being used. It gives you an option to control the layout. Sydney also has many options thus you can easily customize it to fit your demands.

Avis Lite


This free theme is used by many business consultants. With a clean design and features that help highlight portfolios, skills, bilingual support, and more this theme is nothing but appealing to lawyers, consultants, and other business professionals.



Among the free themes meant for mobile devices.Its among the free wordPress themes. Customizr is being used in sites which expect many visitors. It’s more welcoming and user-friendly.

Twenty Fourteen


It is an improved version of twenty ten best wordPress themes. This theme is mainly skewed towards magazine sites because the nature of its layout.

Coral Dark


Support both single and double layout. It’s dark background support photo blogging. Coral need less adjustment since everything is optimized already.



The theme was designed solely for showcasing food. Orvis is among WordPress themes responsive. It compliments food by providing unique layout and themes of different colors.



It is perfect free responsive wordPress themes for online stores. If you are planning to start an online clothing store or digital store Kakina will be suitable for you. It also supports some plugins.

Everything you Need to Know About WordPress Multisite

What is WordPress Multisite?

Traditionally, in order to host multiple blogs on one instance, you used WordPress MU (multiuser, also known as WPMU), a completely different version of WordPress. However, MU is now renamed Multisite and integrated into the usual WordPress installation as of version 3.0, making it easy to set up your own blog network simply by activating Multisite and making a few additional adjustments. Multisite WordPress allows you to manage multiple blogs from one admin dashboard.

Before reading on here are a few terms applicable to WP Multisite that you should get familiar with, if you aren’t already:

  • WordPress multi site – a WordPress installation with Multisite enabled
  • Blog Network – a group of blogs tied to the main blog; Multisite supports only one Network, but there is a plugin allowing you to create separate networks.
  • Super Admin – in regular WordPress, the “administrator” role has full control permissions on the site. Multisite WordPress still allows an administrator role for each site, but there is a “super administrator” role allowing one site login that has access to every site on the WordPress network, and the ability to access everything on each site.
  • Network Admin Dashboard – with WordPress 3.1, the super admin dashboard has been relocated and is accessible by clicking the “Network Admin” link on the My Sites dropdown menu in the standard WordPress admin dashboard.

Benefits of Multisite

Multisite WordPress lets you run unlimited sites from a WordPress installation. It’s perfect for those who want to operate more than one blog, or provide blog hosting services to others. Edublogs.org is a good example of a blog network that runs from WordPress Multisite. The University of Maine (http://umaine.edu/), and WordPress.com itself are all Multisite blog hosts. The ability to create and manage different sites as one network from a central dashboard is a great advantage over having to operate multiple hosting accounts or repeated installations of WordPress.

Other benefits include:

  • You only need to update one installation of WordPress when new versions, themes, or plugins become available.
  • It can be set up to allow other users to manage their blogs on your network from their own site dashboard.
  • Even with many blogs, you can manage all sites and user accounts from the Network dashboard.
  • The Network dashboard is very similar to the standard WordPress admin dashboard and easy for WordPress users to adjust to.
    WordPress Multisite domain mapping

Easy Themes and Plugins Management

One major difference between standard WordPress and WordPress Multisite is managing themes and plugins. In Multisite, themes and plugins are installed from the Network Admin dashboard, but are available for use to any site on the network. You install a plugin using “network activate” and a theme with “network enable” which makes them visible to all sites. Otherwise the theme or plugins can be activated individually from by each site admin.

WordPress Multisite Setup

Multisite is really a mode which can be enabled or disabled, but it isn’t so simple. Before using it, you might want to consult the WordPress Codex on creating a WordPress network. You’ll also want to be sure and check that your webhost server will actually support Multiuser, because some don’t. Also be aware that Multiuser takes up more server resources than a single site, so if you have a limited shared hosting plan, you’ll probably want to upgrade or you’ll run out of memory fairly quickly. There are a few steps to follow to WordPress enable Multisite:

  1. If you’re ready to proceed, there’s a bit of code you can get from wordpress.org which must be added to your wp-config.php file to create the network setup screen.
  2. Once you get to the setup screen, follow the instructions as they are given. It’s also a good idea to have the Codex open in another window so that you refer to it as needed.
  3. At some point you’ll be asked whether you want to create subdomains or sub-directories. If you choose to use WordPress Multisite domain mapping, you can’t change it later without starting all over again from scratch.

If you’ve correctly followed WordPress Multisite installation instructions, it only takes a few minutes to get Multisite up and running, and you’ll be able to add additional sites.


If you’re used to managing a WordPress site, you should be fairly comfortable managing a Multisite installation. But here are a few tools that might come in handy:

1. Keep a link to the WordPress.org Multisite instructions (given above) handy.

2. WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping plugin

3. Gravity Forms User Registration plugin: This allows you to create a front-end form where visitors can register new sites on your network.