Sellwire License Integration

If you use Sellwire to sell your themes and plugins you can now benefit from the new licensing we have just released. This means that you can now limit updates to plugins and themes with valid licenses from Sellwire, just like we introduced not that long ago for Envato marketplaces. You will now see a new integration option in the settings page for Sellwire. Once you have added that you can add and save your Sellwire API key.

The next step is edit the theme or plugin (this example is for a plugin) and select to ‘Verify Updates With’ with Sellwire. You will need to set the version of your plugin, so that all subsequent versions will be verified against Sellwire. Then enter the Sellwire File ID (found in Sellwire when you edit the file, under Licensing).

You will need to make some changes to your plugin. There is a new version of the plugin updater class that is now accessible when you are managing the versions of your plugin. Download the wp-updates-plugin.php file and replace the old file in your plugin. You will notice the code to instantiate the updater class now has a third parameter, the license key.

new WPUpdatesPluginUpdater( '', plugin_basename(__FILE__), $license_key );

Once you have made the changes and released the new version of your plugin, all future updates will only be delivered if the user has entered a valid purchase code for your plugin.

That’s it – updates for your themes and plugins sold with Sellwire are now verified.

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