The Top 4 WordPress Analytics Solutions

WordPress Analytics Solutions

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If you own or manage a WordPress website, chances are you would be real interested in the performance and results of your site, as most people are in your position. The process of measuring, testing, and developing the relevant performance data for your website is known as analytics.

Everyone wants their website to get them more clients, leads, or sales. There are lots of strategies and methods to use to achieve these goals, and one indispensable tool in your arsenal should definitely be a good WordPress analytics tool.

WordPress analytics tools measure and test all kinds of different data about the performance of a website and perform an analysis that can be used in real time to improve the results for the website owner and their business.

By analyzing this data, all kinds of different steps can be taken to test various aspects of websites and create improvements, and ultimately increase items like website traffic, customer conversions and retention, and sales.

This process of refinement can take time and money but will pay off handsomely in the long run for most businesses. In order to perform this analytics, certain services are used.

The Top 4 WordPress Analytics Tools Available

We developed a list of the top 4 WordPress analytics solutions that work best at achieving better overall results for website owners and their businesses. Let’s take a look at these here:

1. Google Analytics 

WordPress Analytics Tools Available

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Google Analytics is the premier analytics tool in current use today. Google Analytics hosts an extensive and all-inclusive library of features for every known data analysis area in common use. This is the tool most website administrators use to find facts about their website and dig deep into the information Google uses to track customer behavior and website performance.

Google Analytics has a robust set of important features that track the following:

  • Bounce Rate. When people come to your site and immediately leave soon after they get there is known as a “bounce.” The bounce rate is based on how many people bounce from your site versus the number of people who interact and actively engage with your website. Google Analytics tracks user behavior and lets you know your bounce rate, so you can make adjustments to make your site more appealing and increase conversions and sales.
  • Attribution. This tool lets you know which channels on your website are working well to convert web visitors into customers. This helps track down the channels that work well and gives you information as to where to improve.
  • Traffic Sources. Google Analytics helps you track which traffic comes from either paid or organic sources, allowing you to decide which is working better. The data can also assist you in marketing campaigns, how to improve conversions, and where best to spend your marketing dollars.
  • New Markets. This tool tracks behavior in various locales and geographies and can help you find new places to sell your products or services by tracking the location of visitors who show key interest in your website.
  • Effective Content. This tool will help you track results from content you use to generate traffic to your site and how well it converts. This aids in testing out different content to find which is most effective.

You can set up Google Analytics on your website using a few basic steps. Here they are in order:

  • Sign into Google Analytics using a Google account. Create a Google account if you don’t already have one.
  • Click the Admin button on the bottom-left sidebar
  • Create or select an account
  • Click the dropdown menu to create a new property
  • Click on “website” and add the URL and website name
  • Choose the correct industry your website belongs to
  • Pick your time zone
  • Click on the “get tracking ID” button
  • Install the generated tracking ID on your website

There are also three other major functions of Google Analytics that users should keep in mind when using the tool.

  • Acquisitions Tab.  On the left sidebar, there is a tab labeled “acquisitions.” It monitors your website’s traffic sources (organic searches, channels, and referrals).
  • Custom Reports. This feature allows you to customize your reports and add different metrics that are not available by default. This is very valuable when tracking all kinds of information that Google Analytics processes in conjunction with other features.
  • Social Settings. You can use this feature so Google Analytics can give you insight into your use of social media.

2. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg Analytics WordPress

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This is an awesome service that does an excellent job of analyzing information about user behavior and can give you extremely valuable information to help fix problems, make what works work better, and test out new ideas easily.

CrazyEgg is running and working on almost a quarter million websites currently and is recommended highly by many of their users. They have a selection of proprietary features that work together to form a seamless experience for your users and help you develop your website into a smooth-running machine.

Some of CrazyEgg’s available features include the following:

  • HeatMap. This feature graphically illustrates user behavior by representing the points where users click on the pages of your website using tiny dots that show where the real physical action is on the site. This enables you to see what areas users are using most.
  • Confetti. This feature shows you where your visitors are coming from and provides key marketing information to pinpoint which works the best to draw in the most valued customers. This feature also helps you plan out how you spend your marketing budget and ultimately tells you what does and does not work in your marketing campaign. This saves you money by eliminating ineffective marketing.
  • Scrollmap. Content is crucial to your business as it drives customers to buy your product or service. This tool shows you the content on your website that matters most to customers – the content they are most engaged in – and helps you create content that works effectively and creates more conversions.
  • Visitor’s Journey. With this tool, you can track exactly which pages your visitor’s view and how they navigate through your website, which can help you create a better website over time that is more responsive to customer’s behavior and will drive more conversions.
  • A/B Testing. This feature lets you test out different strategies on your website, like different blog posts for example. This can help you determine what content is working well and replace content that performs poorly.

CrazyEgg sets up easily and has more features as well. If interested in seeing how it works, visit their website to get a heatmap of your website free of charge.

3. KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics WordPress

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KISSmetrics is a widely used analytics solution and helps businesses understand the entire customer lifecycle, which is key to increasing traffic conversions and generating more sales.

The data collected and used by KISSmetrics can help your business do several keys things to improve performance. Let’s take a closer look at these:

  • Drive Engagements. With KISSmetrics, automated behavioral engagements are sent to visitors at the exact right time to help them move to the desired direction you want them to go. This method helps you get your visitors to behave in ways that increase conversions and interact more positively with your website.
  • Retain More Customers. Loyalty grows in a customer when they get what they expect and their needs are met. This is key to retention, often known as repeat business. Value drivers are measured that tell you exactly how satisfied customers are, which can give you insight into how to better market to them.
  • Increase Conversions. Last but not least, the tools used by KISSmetrics help you understand fully what is and is not working on your website to boost conversions and increase your profits.

Also included in the KISSmetrics service are free growth tools that will aid you in using data to grow your business and become more profitable. These growth tools include:

  • Campaign URL Builder. Add UTM parameters easily to your website URL and copy them for use in marketing campaigns. This will let you accurately track performance data on all of your marketing campaigns.
  • A/B Significance Test. This advanced calculator assists you in determining how effective your A/B testing is, giving you accurate information you can use to improve the performance of your website and increase conversions.

KISSmetrics has a standard onboarding service package with a host of features available. See more about how to sign up with KISSmetrics by visiting their website.

4. Piwick

Piwik WordPress

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Piwick is a comprehensive service that lets you optimize your website’s performance in several key areas ideal for marketing purposes. There are some great features working together available when using this service, and your bottom line should definitely improve by using Piwick.

Let’s take a peek at what Piwick offers their clients:

  • Web & App Analytics. Data is owned 100% by the website owner. Collect data about the behavior of your website visitors. Access raw data and get reports on all data on your website. Piwick offers full privacy compliance (HIPAA and GDPR).
  • Personalization. Create personalized banners and ad placements based on data collected and analyzed by Piwick. Run non-intrusive pop-up campaigns to increase conversions naturally. This includes a large library of pop-up templates.
  • Customer Data Platform. Build audiences with precision based on behavioral data. Segment activation is done through retargeting and personalization.
  • Tag Manager. Manage tags and pixels across hundreds of websites. Piwick offers a simple integrated platform and UI, enterprise-level configuration and deployment, and 24/7 training and support.

Piwick services are based on-premises and on the cloud, and privacy controls are in place that assures you of 100% legal privacy compliance. Several pricing options exist for Piwick and Piwick Pro levels of service. Learn more and get an instant quote by visiting their website.

What to Remember About WordPress Analytics Solutions

Remember that every website and business have different needs. Each WordPress analytics provider has different features, solves different problems, and offers their own unique solutions.

By taking the time to educate yourself on analytics as a business owner, even if you are not technologically savvy, is a step you should take before making an investment in an analytics platform.

You need to get the service that is right for you. A lot depends on the size and nature of your business. Your choice in analytics services will be an important one, so get all the facts before you dive in. If you have questions about a particular service, call the company or contact them through email and you can have what they provide explained to you in depth.

It would be a wise idea to get in contact with all of these companies, or better yet get a website design or internet marketing consultant advise you on how to proceed. You should have a good marketing plan in place that is in sync with your business goals before you make an investment in website analytics.

If you do these things, you can develop an action plan and get the analytical solutions that are going to make the difference for you and your business.

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