5 Reasons to Provide Auto Updates for your Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins

WP Updates helps you provide auto updates for your WordPress themes and plugins. But why should you even consider providing auto updates for themes and plugins? Well here are five simple reasons.

Easy Distribution of Updates

This is the most obvious reason for providing auto updates for themes and plugins. You’ve made an update to your plugin and you want your customers to upgrade so they can get the benefit out of your new features, bug fixes etc. If you don’t provide auto updates, this can be a nightmare process. You have to manually collect the email addresses of your customers, then bulk email them telling them an update is available. Then they have to manually go somewhere to download the update, then manually upload & re-install the new plugin in WordPress, and so on.

Not really an ideal workflow. When you provide auto updates, distributing updates becomes as simple as uploading a file on WP Updates, and customers can then “one click” update in WordPress. How easy is that compared to what you had before!
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