Most Popular Types of Blogs for Your WordPress Site

Popular Types of Blogs for Your WordPress Site

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If you have a WordPress site, you may very well have a blog you need to develop to inform and entertain your visitors. In many cases, blogs are placed on websites that are related to the website and the product or service it offers.

This blog content is written in a way to engage the reader, compelling them to take action related to the website’s offerings. For example, a website may be selling landscape services. In this case, a blog post that is titled “5 Steps Every Lawn Needs” could promote the services of the company, albeit indirectly.

Readers of these blogs often turn to the website that hosts them to solve the problems they have. Blogs are one of the biggest marketing tools on the internet and in the world today. Blogs are very effective as they communicate in an often informal, friendly way that makes it easy to convey information that persuades readers to become customers.

There are also many other types of blogs, for many different purposes. Some blogs are personal and are simply meant to entertain or inform friends, family, and others as to developments in someone’s personal life. Some are hobby blogs that are meant to exchange information about activities and items such as toys or fishing, for example.

With all of the purposes that blogs are used for, it is important that people write excellent content for them, or readers will quickly turn away and leave, most likely to never come back. Interest spans are very short in the information age, so you have to grab a reader and draw them in immediately or lose them for good.

In order to write popular blogs, you should know which types to write about when you have a WordPress website you are developing. We are covering four topic areas and providing numerous examples of types of blogs one could write about below:

4 Popular Types of Blogs Used on WordPress Sites

We narrowed down the different categories of blogs most widely written online and came up with a list of four major types. The major types of blogs by category that are popular among WordPress websites are as follows:

1. Popular Types of Fashion Blogs

Popular Types of Fashion Blogs

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These types of blogs are all excellent examples that anyone in the industry could pick, and as long as they are originally written with hot headlines, would make awesome popular blogs.

Here is our assortment of fashion blog types:

  • Recreating Celebrity Looks. This type of blogs would be centered around the looks of celebrities and how to create similar styles and appearances.
  • Solutions to Common Fashion Problems. This general-purpose blog can educate readers in a technique or method to solve their fashion issues and can be a great segue into offering products or services pertinent to a specific company or service provider.
  • Secret Tips. This is a hot blog type because everyone loves a good secret, especially fashionistas. Secret tips can also be used to promote specialty items when possible.
  • Must-Have Items. If you are promoting an excellent fashion product along with a number of other items, a must-have blog can showcase your special offering while educating your readers on products that will make them look their best.
  • Worth-the-Splurge Items. Certain fashion products can be quite expensive, and if you are offering a unique item that is kind of pricey but well worth it for what you get, then writing a blog about it that focuses on the value you get for the money can compel readers to take action.
  • Affordable Alternatives. If you are selling discount, bargain items and want to work them into your blog, you can write up a blog that talks about several low-cost fashion solutions and weave your offer into it.
  • Could-Not-Live-Without Items. If you want to write a blog about items you feel people can’t live without and want to stick in a plug about your product or service, this is one great blog type to use.

Fashion blogs can be a lot of fun to create, and even if you are just a website owner and not a writer, you can use this list to create blogs that will fill the void. Great fashion blog types are everywhere you look. You can get ideas from just watching media or even people-watching on the street as well.

2. Popular Types of Food Blogs

Popular Types of Food Blogs

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Food is the foundation of life. We need food, clothing, and shelter to survive. But beyond food (which you could write about, that’s one idea), there is all kind of popular blog types to explore that can also lead to many more through improvising on the original ideas. Finding something new is always a plus, and people love new ideas.

You can brainstorm and create something entirely new using the following ideas about blog posts, and your spin could even go viral and create major traction if it’s good enough. Let’s see what ideas to start from here:

  • The Positive Vs. The Negative Rant. We’ve all read negative rants and they are often times thought-provoking and amusing and may shy us away from things that truly should be avoided, like a restaurant with really bad food and lousy service. If you can stand the heat, write about the kitchen in as un-glowing terms as you desire. However, be prepared for fallout and potentially crazy things to develop. Positive rants are better because for one, the thing there is already enough bad press out there and general negativity. Positivity will help promote a product or service or place much better than merely bad-mouthing the competition. Staying positive whenever possible is a good way to go.
  • Evergreen Content. These types of food blogs are built for mainstream promotion and can be launching pads for new recipes, products, or restaurants. You can help with branding efforts by creating a lot of immensely readable and enjoyable evergreen content. Go evergreen when in doubt because it will not go out of style and will live on long after it gets published.
  • How-Tos and Kitchen Tutorials. Many times, it is necessary to give readers information they can use for their culinary needs. Even basics like how to can soup and make homemade ice cream can be immensely useful in a practical way for many people just starting out in the kitchen, such as younger folks. It is also a good thing to note that certain kitchen products can be written into these guides as part of the process to accomplish a cooking task, promoting a product as a suggestion, one reader might use if they perform the cooking task in question.

Food blogs are always open to new ideas. Think about what you might be able to do better, differently, with the same subject or idea.

3. Popular Types of Travel Blogs

Popular Types of Travel Blogs

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Travel is a multibillion-dollar industry, and people want to know everything they can from hot spots to out-of-the-way or secret destinations that they and their loved ones would love to escape to when possible.

There are tons of potential ideas that are popular among travel blogs, so let’s take a quick look at some of the best popular travel blog ideas here:

  • Real-Life Experience and Reporting. With all of the destinations possible around the globe to visit, people want to hear firsthand the accounts of people who have actually been to the places and seen for themselves what there is to see, taste, and touch. Writing blogs like these may require some investment of time and expense to accomplish.
  • How to Get Past Homesickness. Many people get homesick on long trips, especially kids or young adults. Those who write blogs about travel could easily include certain products such as stuffed animals or blankets that will help the traveler overcome their homesickness with the minimal possible discomfort.
  • The Best Luggage on a Budget. For those who are writing about low-cost luggage pieces, they can squeeze them into articles that feature a number of items ideal for those on a budget.

There is literally an unlimited number of blog types for popular travel blogs, and these are just a few. Read up on travel blogs to see what others are talking about, and soon enough, the right idea will just pop into your mind.

4. Popular Types of Music Blogs

Popular Types of Music Blogs

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Music is the medicine of the soul. It has shaped the better part of our lives and contains the memories of our generations. Music lovers are almost universal among all. There is hardly anyone who does not enjoy music, no matter what genre they prefer.

There are tons of different types of music, and blogs can be written about each one of them. There are also music industry and band news blogs that need endless material to support them. There is a never-ending variety of new groups that make the scene, and then there is even music therapy to consider.

No matter what type of blog you pick, these popular blog types are commonly found all over the internet, read by millions:

  • Reviews of Albums. If you are promoting a certain artist, make sure to include lots of background and anecdotal information, as well as interesting stories, about the band. Wild stories often accompany many groups, so be sure to capitalize on this and stress the most extreme aspects of the artist, or in the case of more subdued musicians, a focus on their integrity and character will also help you write a great blog with this blog type.
  • Evolution of a Genre. When writing about a musical genre, such as punk rock, you may want to go back to the roots of the movement and explain the times and what life was like for young people growing up in the 80’s, for example. There are modern punk groups still thriving in certain areas, so be sure to explain where they fit into the history of the genre and what makes them unique. Promoting a new act can be easy if they are good and people love them. Always provide links to the band and the albums they sell.
  • Run a Contest. If you are selling anything musical, tickets albums, or merchandise of any kind, give one of the items away. This will increase the interest in the offering and some people may act upon that later in favorable ways, or at least increase awareness and exposure of the artist or merchandise.

How to Choose Types of Popular Blogs

When writing a blog, it’s all up to you what you want to write about. These are just ideas about types of popular blogs that can guide you in what to focus on. You can even use these ideas to write completely different blogs if they stir your imagination.

It’s important to use whatever ideas you can find that work best to facilitate great writing and formulate your blog creations. It is not always necessary to use completely 100% original ideas. Many times, a new take on an old favorite will do the trick quite nicely.

In fact, old topics and ideas are often recycled with new twists that breathe fresh air into old standards, and that is what makes blogs interesting. The variety of blog types are infinite. They are hardly limited to the few examples we have listed here.

If you are looking for popular blog types and found some you like here, you can always find more by doing some study of the topics and learning more about the subject matter. The more you know and the more you read, the quicker your imagination can come up with all kinds of new blog types.


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