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WordPress themes and plugins with 2 lines of code.

2,128,521 updates served for 1,899 themes and 1,502 plugins

  • Just add 2 lines of code to your theme or plugin
  • Manage author and changelog information
  • Manage unlimited versions of each theme or plugin
  • Keep all of your updates in one place
  • Details analytics of downloads, sites and versions
  • Detailed documentation
  • Upgrades look just like upgrades

Integration with WP Updates is as easy as 1 2 3

What our customers say

"We use WP Updates for all of our themes and plugins and have found it to be the most efficient way of handling updates. Not only does it work without fail, but the backend is well organised and allows us to get a snapshot of everything we're doing very quickly."
Matt Jones - CEO, Skematik Theme
"Having used WP Updates on one of our sister sites, we are excited to finally make the plunge with Storefront Themes. Since eCommerce themes have to be updated so regularly. WP Updates provides the perfect platform to deliver multiple updates to all of our users in a hassle-free way."
Storefront Themes